EDF*off is an energy switching campaign
inspired by the 21 No Dash for Gas climate activists.

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EDF and corporate power

Let’s talk power. Not the type normally associated with EDF.
Overbearing corporate power that fixes gas prices, and bullies governments, taxpayers, and protesters. EDF (Électricité de France) is the worlds 2nd largest energy utility company with 2011 profits of €14bn on €65.3bn in sales, and is majority owned by the French Government.

George Osborne, EDF, and the big six energy companies want to commit the UK to expensive gas-fired energy for the next 30 years, building up to 40 new power stations – in a 'dash for gas' that would make it impossible for the UK to meet its legally-binding climate change targets. Watch the video and sign and share the petition for EDF to drop the civil action lawsuit against no dash for gas protesters. 

Take your lawsuit » EDF*off

EDF is flexing its corporate power by suing No Dash For Gas protesters for £5m after they occupied West Burton power station for a week last October. The £5m lawsuit represents just 10 hours EDF profit, yet could result in protesters being saddled with life-long debts and losing their homes. It’s a scare tactic, to deter more people from taking urgent action to stop climate chaos. This is not the first time EDF has been embroiled in controversy for its dealings with climate activists:

  • In 2011 two EDF executives were jailed for 3 years for the illegal surveillance of Greenpeace staff and hacking into computer systems.
  • French Government agents bombed the Greenpeace anti-nuclear protest vessel Rainbow Warrior in Auckland, NZ - 1985, killing photographer Fernando Pereira.

Switch EDF*off

Energy price hikes are forcing millions of customers into an impossible choice between heating and eating. This winter, EDF hiked their prices 11%, pushing an estimated 440,000 UK households into fuel poverty.

Switch EDF*off as your energy supplier, and switch off:

  • George Osborne, EDF, and the dash for gas
  • Rip off energy prices, poor service, and record customer complaints
  • EDF's track record of surveillance and suppression of environmental protest
  • Andrew Brown – Gordon Brown's brother as EDF lobbyist and Head of Media
  • Reliance on UK taxpayer for decades of nuclear subsidies

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Big six energy and the ‘dash for gas’

EDF is one of the ‘big six’ UK energy corporations - EDF, E.on, Npower,  British Gas, Scottish Power and SSE - enjoying a monopoly position controlling UK gas & electricity prices. 

The big six energy cartel make a killing from an energy market rigged in their favour, and are currently under investigation for suspicious gas price-fixing activity. 

Meanwhile, Government, under influence of energy lobbyists are cutting crucial fuel poverty lifelines, and privately plotting a ‘dash for gas’ that will increase our dependence upon dirty and expensive imported gas, pushing fuel bills even higher.

According to Ofgem, £100 of last year’s £150 rise in the average household’s energy bill was due to rising gas prices.

Despite the impact of gas on our energy bills and environment, the governments ‘dash for gas’ would see a new round of up to forty gas-fired power stations built.  

Gas reliance spells disaster for the climate. Government’s own Committee on Climate Change recently wrote to George Osborne to say that increasing our dependence on gas would be illegal due to existing climate change legislation.

Say no to Osborne and the big six gas lobby.

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Where can I switch to?

EDF*off is making it easy for you by negotiating with alternative renewable energy providers on your behalf, to find a gas/ electricity supplier that makes sense for you and for the climate - by dealing only with companies offering a positive vision and commitment to distributed renewable energy. Some of the companies featured are non-profit or distribute profits equitably amongst members, others such Ecotricity invest profits in new-build renewable energy development. By supporting these companies, you are directly investing in the diversification of the UK energy grid, increasing competition and driving a transition to a low carbon economy.

Switch on

  • Co-operative Energy [E & G] is part of The MidCounties Co-op, the largest independent co-op in the UK – Their aim if for “the carbon content of our electricity to be  less than half the national average.”
  • Ebico [E & G] is the UK's only not-for-profit energy company. It operates single-rate gas and electricity tariffs. 
  • Ecotricity [E & G] Britain's first green energy company supplies Green Electricity and Green Gas to its customers across the UK and uses a not-for-dividend business model to invest its customers' energy bill money into new sources of green energy.
  • Good Energy [E & G] sources all of its electricity from UK renewables, as it has always done. Good energy supports a growing community of 40,000+ independent green energy providers, with its own windmill in North Cornwall, and plans for a further 110MW of new-build renewable capacity.
  • Green Energy [E] Green Energy secures its electricity from only UK-based green and renewable sources. None of its electricity is sourced from fossil fuels or nuclear power. Their fuel mix does not include nuclear.
  • LoCo2 [E] offers three different electricity tariffs using renewable energy sources. Each tariff supplies electricity derived from different renewable sources such as hydro, wind and solar power.
  • Ovo Energy [E & G] offers a range of 'green' tariffs. The energy supplier says it is committed to providing great value, customers not paying a premium to be green, protection from price hikes and hassle-free payments.

[E] - electricity only
[E & G] - electricity and gas